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Noterix, the quick and easy way to manage your events
What do we stand for?
Making event management quick and easy!

How to

Manage your Events

Here you can make your events, online! You can invite others to join your event so you know how many people are coming to your event. You can also see who are coming to your event to further plan your event.

What is

Group making?

In the world where everything is a mess, you can now get your events online and manage them in one platform! Within the same platform you can also organize them in groups!


The Map

With our new maps feature you can see all the available events on our website on the map, where they are, what they are about and you can get more information about the events that are on the map. If you feel like it, you can even join them!


Who are we?

Welcome to our website were glad to have you here! We had to make our final project for school and already had a bit of experience in building simple websites so we wanted to make something, well, bigger and better. So this is what we build,!

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